Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences and Communications was first established in 1966. Its name was later changed to School of Eco-Political Sciences and Mass Media. In 1983, after the re-opening of universities in Iran, it was renamed as Faculty of Social Sciences and Communications. In 2013, the faculty was split up into two distinct Faculties: Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Communication Sciences. Presently, Faculty of Social Sciences benefits from 42 full-time faculty members, together with 64 administrative staff working in different departments. As of today (2016), there are 6 different departments in the Faculty providing education and research to more than 1000 Bachelor's, 580 Master's and 220 PhD students in different programs.

The Faculty includes such facilities as its well-equipped library, planning workshop, journalism workshop, and audiovisual workshop. This faculty is currently publishing four scientific journals in social sciences, namely: the Social Sciences Quarterly, the Social Development and Welfare Planning Journal, the Semiannual Journal of Indigenous Learning, and the Research Journal on Social Work.